I love the anticipation at this time of year! What is coming round the corner, the new people I will meet and the ideas we will share makes me very impatient!

Themes are fun for everyone involved, from the party hosts to the guests. There really is something to be said about hunting down the perfect venue and choosing the right menu to fit your chosen theme. A tipi tent camp might be the perfect setting for a relaxed festival themed significant birthday. Likewise a pretty village hall might be the perfect place for a vintage inspired wedding. You can even go for a non-traditional theme like Christmas in July or a medieval themed picnic party held at a Shakespeare Festival. It’s your event and reflects your personality, the most important thing is to have fun!

Some of my favorite parties from last year included a Thai/ Dutch themed outdoor wedding, risky but so much fun! A Mamma Mai party with the full Greek taverna experience and many fabulous dancing Queens! A perfect 40th birthday pool party with street food stalls. A totally brilliant Sunday lunch after 130 people walked their dogs up Pewsey’s white horse.

Family style
This continues to be a most popular way of feeding a crowd with the emphasis strongly on sharing. This type of arrangement satisfies the need for family, community and friendship. Magnificent Beef Wellington carved at the table by an honoured guest brings people closer together in the shared serving of the meal. Tapas, mezze, sharing platters can be a wonderful way of starting a sit down meal and gets everyone talking passing food back and forth, a great ice breaker!


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I think the lovely Vintage theme is set to continue, why not it’s a perfect wedding theme but also great for summer garden parties with it’s relaxed laid back feel. Little ideas like mix and match crockery with flowers in jam jars, champagne in tea cups, homemade jams and preserves as favours, a giant 7 tiered “naked” cake, homemade bunting and family favourite foods, whats not to enjoy?WES_629

Miniature desserts and small but beautiful wedding cakes for each table. Celebrate all our traditions from afternoon tea to Pimms and strawberries to a good pie and mash. Butlers would be great fun serving small bowls of great British grub! This theme is so versatile and so easily made personal with small touches.

Bowl food
This an alternative way to encourage sharing and variety and can easily be incorporated into your theme. Several bites up in size from a canape these are more substantial but just as beautiful and a great talking point. A much more informal approach to feeding your guests as these are perfect for standing and eating at the same time.

Speciality stations
Whilst I don’t have a food truck (yet!) I actually think this allows me more room for creativity, I can literally do anything you like!! From sultry Moroccan tagines to colourful paellas, stacks of delicious pies or ice cream sundaes, what type of speciality station to have at your event is only limited by your imagination. In fact, depending on your theme, you could do the whole evening with street food themed stalls.



Cocktails seem to be making a comeback served as a first drink or for the after dinner party. Earl grey tea and gin makes a good twist on a “G and T” and could be served in tea cups! Big kilner jars filled with a Mojito mix add a bit of fun to the bar.

The dessert table gains more ground. Guests love the idea of getting up when they’re ready and picking out one or two special treats. Thoughtful hosts love being able to offer everyone’s favorite with this option. Miniature meringues, single-serve banoffee pies and three bite trifles all fit the bill and satisfy the sweet tooth. Believe me no one will be watching the calories!

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