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Dear Rachael

I attended last night’s function at Salisbury Cathedral’s Medieval Hall.

Forty-five years after completing my Diploma course at London’s Cordon Bleu I have been cooking unprofessionally but with a passion ever since: a day away from the kitchen is not a good day. I’ve attended cookery courses in Paris, Tuscany and more recently a few at Ashburton. I have been accused of being a perfectionist: those accusers should see the real thing, by which I mean you and your fare.

Not only was yesterday’s food visually stunning, it was also truly scrumptious. I was the annoying person who invaded your kitchen querying the making of the hummus-filled filo cones. Not only did you spare the time mid-service to illustrate how you made them but it immediately struck me that your preparation room was an oasis of calm: no mean feat when dealing with such a variety of canapés.

A large (and undoubtedly most enjoyable) part of my job in London (where I lived for 30 years) was arranging dinners in the city’s finest eateries so I know what food should look and taste like. Given that experience I will have NO problem in recommending you to any of my friends in need of a top class caterer for you are quite simply in a class of your own. I don’t know what I was expecting by way of canapés yesterday but you more than exceeded what those expectations might have been. Many congratulations – and thank you.

An appreciative Margaret Tribe.

Dear Rachael

The real reason for writing was to thank you and all the team for a wonderful spread on Friday.  To prove how good it was you actually got me eating sweet things.  Not something I do much these days but the mini lavender eclairs were sublime.  I know that we had many more than expected however you fed us very well and no one went hungry.  Quite an achievement considering that it was generally the horsey crowd who all eat like well horses.  Your team got the drink whizzing around at high speed to the extent that there was very little left.  You really made the day just as we had hoped it would be.  There were a lot of compliments from the guests and I have given your details to a few people so hopefully they will be in touch.

Many thanks for everything and I will be in touch very soon

Best wishes


Hi Rachael,

I must tell you that the ‘thank yous’ are pouring in and it seems that a really good time was had by all – lots and lots of lovely things said about the flowers. the fellow guests, the flowers in the church, the flowers etc in the marquee, the speeches … and, of course, about THE FOOD:

“your food was delicious, it looked and tasted beautiful” (Sunday)

“one doesn’t usually comment on the food at a wedding but yours was so very good.  Helping ourselves with tapas and the that succulently tender lamb and the delectable pudding” (Saturday)

“delicious lamb perfectly cooked”

“the dinner was absolutely delicious”

“the sumptuous wedding breakfast”

“the most beautiful wedding reception dinner and lovely lunch ..”

“wonderful food”

oooo, I think that’s enough to be going on with!

Ally x

WOW! What an incredible day….I am in a dream-like bubble and feel so happy, as does Kebba…

The food was absolutely delicious…everything was stunning.

My proper ‘thank you’ will come – we’re setting off on a honeymoon on Thursday to South of France – but I just wanted to say that I loved it all!

Lilli xxx

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for your efforts on Saturday evening at King John’s Castle, we had a lovely evening and the meal was gorgeous.

We have had some great feedback, ‘one of the best meals I’ve ever had’….’delicious piece of beef where did she get it’ ‘delicious and those desserts!’ And it goes on…… Could get boring!!

Please pass on our thanks to Harriet when you see her…. You were both a joy to deal with..

Rachel, if you do want to use me as a reference at any time please do so, I don’t mind a potential customer ringing or emailing.

Thank you again Maggie and Clive

Dear Rachael

Now the dust has settled! Nigel and I wanted to thank you so much for making our wedding party goes so well.

The food was delicious Rachael, absolutely wonderful and we couldn’t have wished for anything more. And, believe me, food is very important with us greedy little pigs, and as Anna will tell you I’m very particular about what I serve up!

So many people said they loved the canapes and the bowl food, Clive said it was the best food he had ever had at a wedding!

Thank you very much once again and you might well be hearing from our friends requesting help with their parties!

xxx Jenny and Nigel

Dearest Rachael,

Now, where to begin?

You and your whole team were outstanding for our wedding. We have got home to lots of thank you letters, all of which say it was the best food they’d ever had at a wedding. And it truly was. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did- I know you worked so hard behind the scenes- your staff were wonderful, so charming and professional.

I couldn’t have hoped for it to have gone better- you exceeded all our expectationsand somehow remained so cheerful throughout.

With much love and thanks,

Polly and Georgexx

How can we thank you enough for cooking the most fabulous wedding breakfast ever? Everyboby has been raving about how much they enjoyed the food at the wedding and how delicious the beef was. You did a marvelous job and we are hugely grateful. With huge thanks and much love,
Lucy and Max Whitehouse
Hi Rachael,
I won’t lie – I was totally shattered by the end!  However, feedback so far has been 100% positive with loads of comments about the lovely food!  I think I told you that HRH’s farm manager (lovely man) asked for the name of the caterer and he is now one of our new trustees so he will be partaking of your food again I am sure.
You did a great job in what are very restrictive facilities for such  a large event so thank YOU and your helpers and I hope we didn’t impose on them too much!
Many thanks again – we were really pleased with the catering.
Kind regards
Organic research centre
PS  I think you should now push your ethical catering credentials – on your website perhaps (maybe you do I haven’t checked it lately!).  Yesterday was the kind of event where someone who was there might phone up in 6 months time asking for the name of our caterer!
“Square Root really helped to make our Summer Staff party an occasion to be remembered. Their creative approach to theming went far beyond the fantastic mini burgers, western BBQ and traditional American puddings to suggesting, and organizing the Cowboy and Indian entertainment. The bucking bronco, mini tee-pee settlement, war painting and sheriff badge biscuits for the children were a huge success. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a unique, creative and above all fun event.”
Clive McNamara- Director, The Marketing Practice
Dear Rachael
It is 6.20 on the morning after the wedding and it was such a wonderful success – Lucy and Max had a simply lovely day.  Your contribution was tremendous and people raved about the food – Sheila is even waiting for Guthrie to die to enjoy it again!
Many thanks,
Christine Brett
Dear Rachael,
The food was fantastic! Thank you so much for your help and assistance which ensured the the day went to plan, it was great!
We wish you all the best in the future and it was a pleasure having you cater our special day.
Many thanks again,
Nina and Andrew Clough (p.s we are the first of our friends to get married so we hope to see you again soon!!!)
Dear Rachael,
Thank you so much: many people said the food was delicious.
Your food saved the day: great sucess: wish you had done the reception also!
Robin- Smith- Ryland Sherbourne Park
“Thank you so much for all your hard work yesterday evening – everything tasted great – everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves. So pleased you called in the afternoon to check we had charcoal!!!!!! What would we have done!
Here’s to the next one – thank you again.
Very best wishes
Pauline- WIBA”
“We just wanted to say thank you – last night was fantastic, everyone loved everything and your staff were wonderful.
Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.”
Cath and Nick
Hi Rachel
We have received so many positive comments about both the quality of the food and the service throughout the long afternoon and evening.
Thank you and your team so much for such an excellent service for the reception.
Warmest regards
Dear Rachael,
We are so pleased you enjoyed looking after us at the barn dance. Everyone without exception has already said how wonderful the food was on Sat.  You really did a tremendous job for us and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting to use your services in the future.  The staff were all delightful, helpful and not too conspicuous.  All in all you made the whole event just what we had wished for.  Thank you.
Very best wishes to you and your team
Jo and Simon.
Hello Rachael (and Julian)
A big thank you for your work on Saturday. Everybody loved your food –‘ very tasty’, ‘lovely presentation’, ‘wonderful puddings’ – the compliments were numerous. Nobody envied the work involved in barbecuing for all that crowd!  I had two extra children turn up on the night, having originally turned up their noses at watching their dad play in the band they then changed their minds and came along!
We all had such a wonderful evening – the band were great – lots of dancing – and the garden looked lovely once it became dark and all the little fairy lights came on.
So thanks again for making it such a wonderful evening – happy to recommend you if needed!
Joy and Mike Gilbert
Very many thanks, lovely food. Many said it was the best wedding they had attended. Several people have requested your details.
All the best to you and many thanks again. Kind regards
“We asked Square Root to cater for my daughter’s engagement party based around the theme of midsummer night dream.  In normal circumstances I might have done this myself but my daughter, who is 27, wanted something ‘more modern’. The event went very smoothly and we were very happy with both the quality and presentation. I would say that she produced an event which was organisationally unobtrusive to me in my own home.”
Corrine Alford
“The food was exceptional and probably the highlight of the day……….
Many thanks……

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