P&D Colour Edits 1021
This is a fun family friendly theme with good wholesome fare. Why not add abucking bronco or wild bull to add to the fun and games. A quick lesson in counrty and western dancing gets everyone involved!
Wether this is a christening, wedding anniversary of any other family gathering this is the perfect excuse to take time to enjoy the time honoured tradition.
The trick is to have lots of fun when perhaps there can be a feeling of duty at this time of year, food can play an important role in helping the festivities along and soaking up the festive spirit!
Perfect for summer of a winter warmer! This is delicious, fragrant but not too spicey and so colourful. Lay tables with pots of orchids, hang loads of bright paper lanterns and have buckets of ice cold beers and pretty cocktails.
This is a wonderful theme to have. The air is filled with the smells of North Africa, pungent cinammon, fragrant ginger, corriander and garlic. Metal lanterns cast a mosaic of soft light and tea glasses are perfct for candles.
A cross between a village fete, the local pub and a street party this is all the favorites with twists! One for the big family get togethers, bright, fun and friendly!

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